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Layout & Required Elements


Required Elements are marked with a red asterisk in the image below.

  1. The Idaho logo top left and bigger than the agency/program name. The agency/program should not overlap the Idaho logo.
  2. Header (Include: Contact Us)
  3. Footer (Include: Security, Privacy, US Map graphic on left)
  4. Primary menu on either the left or top.

Please see the Guidelines & Standards, these elements (above) at minimum.



  1. “Floating” look

    The background has a shadow, giving the page a floating look. Agencies can customize with their own photos or a different color.
    For the background .psd file, visit the Graphics page

  2. Header

    There are four choices of header styles (one line of text, two lines with the top larger, two lines with the bottom larger, two equal size lines). The Idaho logo remains on the left.
    For instructions on changing the lines of text, visit the Customization Checklist page

  3. Your motto or mission statement

    If your statement is: “The Department of Hug Your Dog aims to facilitate and promote embracing domestic canines as often as physically possible,” you may want to make it friendlier and shorter. “Helping you hug your dog more often!”

  4. Spot for your own logo or photo

    Use the Official Seal of the State of Idaho here or use the header template and add your agency’s logo, seal or photo.
    To change to your own logo, download the header.psd file, on the Graphics page. You will need Photoshop to use this file.

  5. Top utility links

    We recommend: Home, Your Choice, Your Choice,, Contact Us.

  6. Search

    See the Search page for instructions for Digital Gov Search.

  7. Footer

    Required items: Security, Privacy, US Map graphic on left. Recommended: About Your Agency, Careers,, Contact Us.

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