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We encourage all Idaho state government agencies, boards, commissions and officers to use these templates.

What’s New in Version 3?

The v3 template is a continuation of the responsive design of the v2.1 template, with an updated, modern look and added many new features and exciting functionalities built-in.

The v3 templates utilize Bootstrap 4.x (where v2 utilized Bootstrap 3.x). Want to upgrade and know the differences? Read the WordPress tip sheet.

The version 3.x theme comes with many available built-in and customizable elements, including:

  • Color Scheme choices
  • Dynamic Events Calendar
  • Agency logo header placement
  • Press Release news format
  • Blog/News format
  • Built-in link checker (to find broken links)
  • Dynamic Form creation
  • Social Media presence

Notice from ITS

posted Jan 2019 to State Webmaster’s

The new state templates version 3 are finished and ready for consumption, thanks to Access Idaho! … All agencies are expected to move to the new state templates by 1/22/2021.

FYI: You can tell if a site is using the new state templates by looking at the footer of the site and they show the last time the page was updated, very cool.

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