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Know your Audience

  • Who visits your site and what are they looking for?
    • Think about the different types of visitors that make up your audience and what their goals are.
    • If you are working on a redesign, does your existing website have Google Analytics or ADM Web Reports on it? Review the data, look for trends, and make note of your top viewed pages.
  • Talk to your customer-facing employees for a good peek into your audience, their questions and their needs.
  • Is there information people currently have a difficult time finding on your site? Address this in your redesign.

Keep the Good

  • What parts of your site are currently working well? Make sure that you keep the aspects of your website that people find helpful.
  • Look at your web statistics. The top entry pages have been bookmarked by your users, so be sure to keep this type of information at the same address, create a redirect, or make a 404 page that takes this type of visitor into consideration.

Do you need new Content?

  • Take an inventory of your current website content and see what needs to be updated, what should be archived, and any new content that needs to be written.
  • Consider re-launching with minor updates and adding new content in a phased way if you need a lot of new information added to your new website.

Hosting and Search

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