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v.3 Templates

posted Jan 2019 to State Webmaster’s:

The new state templates version 3 are finished and ready for consumption, thanks to Access Idaho! … All agencies are expected to move to the new state templates by 1/22/2021.

If you believe your site should not use the official state templates you will need to go through the exemption process.

FYI: You can tell if a site is using the new state templates by looking at the footer of the site and they show the last time the page was updated, very cool.

Layout & Required Elements

Required Elements on All Pages:

  • The “Idaho Official Government Website” text
  • The Idaho Logo
  • The shape of the United States of America with Idaho highlighted in a different color to stand out
  • The following links MUST be in the footer (bottom of website) — these are pre-built into the v3 WordPress template files already:

WordPress Templates

The WordPress version has many new and exciting built-in dynamic elements that will allow your website to grow and be much more user friendly. Also, you won’t need to personally worry about monitoring for security updates as they happen automatically as necessary.

Is your agency on the multi-site WordPress Server? If yes, the v3 template is already available to you under Appearance > Themes, the name is “Idaho Webmaster with Bootstrap 4.x”.

Please contact ITS or Access Idaho with any help you might need to utilize the WordPress theme.

Upgrading from 2.1 tip sheet

v3 WordPress User Guide

v3 Classic Template

classic v3 screenshot

  • Upload a custom header image that will be on all pages
  • Optional: Add your agency’s logo in the header to the right of the Idaho logo

Download the v3 Classic WordPress Theme Zip File

v3 Alternate Template

v3 alternate screenshot of home page

  • Your agency’s logo is placed at the top next to the menu
  • Choice of a hero image on the homepage or slider
  • Collapsable search included in header

Download the v3 Alternate WordPress Theme Zip File

DIY Template

The v3 of the DIY Template is the the basic/static responsive files of the State template for usage with your agency’s own CMS or other content system. (It doesn’t have all the dynamic features that the WordPress version does. Also, you will need to keep the base code scripts up-to-date manually for security purposes.)

In this download:

  • Top navigation templates – home, one column, two column, three column
  • Side navigation templates – home, one column, two column, three column
  • All necessary graphics, CSS, and JavaScript

Download the DIY Template Zip File

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