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Customization Checklist

A checklist to help you ensure that your site has the right changes for your agency, and all of the generic content has been personalized for your needs.


Use our Photoshop template to customize the site header. Add your own logo or keep the seal.

Download the Header Photoshop File

Idaho Logo

The state web templates already have the Idaho logo contained in the files. However, we receive requests for this graphic for other reasons.

Download the Idaho Logo Files

Images of Idaho

You must include the following credit adjacent to the content or in visual production credits: “Photo courtesy of Idaho Tourism” if you use a photo from this site.

Idaho Media Room

Idaho State Seal

Instructions for use of the seal: The seal should be displayed in good state, without alteration, and should not convey the impression that the product or services are state authorized, sponsored, or endorsed.

Download the Idaho State Seal Files


To use your own background, turn on all the layers named Image-. Turn off the Radial layers. Insert your own image on the layer indicated. Size it to cover the left and right panels. Delete excess at the bottom. The templates are set up to use background.png in the img folder as the page background.

Download Background psd


ver: 2.1.0