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Start by going to:

Sign up with your state email ending in “.gov”.

Digital Gov allows you to search over more than one domain, if needed, and to include social media results in your search.

Activate Your Search

To activate your search, update your search box form code to point to your DigitalGov Search-hosted results page. You will need to edit two lines in and a line on your homepage, if you are using a large search box on your homepage.

In your /inc/ folder, open and you will find two instances of the html below.

When you sign up for DigitalGov Search, you created a site handle. Add this handle as the input value. Your handle can be found in the DigitalGov Search Admin Center, under Dashboard, click on Settings.

Replace the two instances of idahogov with your own handle.

Customize with Search value -->
name="affiliate" ... value="idahogov"

Save and test.